Catch up

So the past few months have flown by in one crazy, busy, tired blur. I left off telling you, in what seems like a life time ago,  that I had to go into the hospital to be tested for an insulinoma. after undergoing the test for it twice, due to some unfortunate errors, that happened the first time and then almost didn’t give us any results the second time, I got to cross that one off the list. No insulinoma, so why the low blood sugar readings? Well since then we have crossed off dumping syndrome and Addison’s disease, which was looking like a real possibility. There are some other things we could test for, but they are highly unlikely. So were back to square one again, and I have been advised to keep a thorough recording of my blood sugar levels for the next couple months, in the hopes of that all too elusive insight into what is going on. I have also had to help pack up a lifetime of memories and belongs, as my family moved from South Africa to London, while simultaneously getting ready for my move to university in the US. Since I’ve arrived at Wellesley my days seem to have been crammed with one thing after another; there was orientation, where the moto seemed to be, how many things can we fit into a day, starting classes and the never ending pile of work that has come with that. Add in having to meet new doctors, find new specialists, go to the million and one appointments that it takes to move your chronic illness care from one country to another, and the time has flown by. In fact there never seems to be enough time in the day to get it all done. It’s been a stressful time, a busy time (just incase you hadn’t gotten that from the hints I have been dropping like crazy), but it has been an extremely fun and happy time as well. It’s something that hasn’t been easy, in fact at times it has been damn hard, there have been many a tear shed. But despite all the crazy, I would do again in a heart beat. I am loving Wellesley, I am loving the people, who are so friendly, kind and supporting. I am loving my classes, which I am finding so interesting. I am loving the experience of learning again, after a year out. I love my professors, who have been so kind and understanding towards me, and whom are all so passionate and make their subjects come a live. I am enjoying the ballet class that I am taking for my PE credits, and am even thinking of joining the swim team. I know a bit ambitious, well maybe a lot, but I want to try. I want to see if I can do it, if my body can do it. I think it will be good for me, well that is if I can get in. I am really happy with the team of specialist that I have found at Boston Children’s hospital, and the doctors who are here on campus, and have done so much for me already. I have however had my share of frustrations, the latest being getting my prescriptions, it has been what can only be deemed one big mess, trying to get refills, although as I have never been prescribed them in the US before it’s considered a new scripted medication. Trying to figure out which doctor will be willing to prescribe what, and then what to do about some of the meds that have fallen through the cracks. Which despite being prescribed in the past, no-one seems to be taking responsibility for now. Some of it has been nothings short of infuriating, and I have used many precious hours and will most likely still have to spend more time in order to figure it all out.

So this has been your update of the good the bad and the ugly. Hopefully I will get back to posting on a more regular basis, now that I have acclimatised slightly to my new schedule.



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