Cause this is thriller

So you know I mentioned that I had an endocrinology appointment on Thursday. Well lets just say it was an interesting appointment. Thank goodness not because of the doctor, because I could not take one more awful, flippant doctor or an appointment that was a waste of time. She was so lovely, and really listened to me and took me serious. She didn’t freak out that I have like a million other things wrong with me that have to be considered and factored in.  She really considered all the options and took the time to make sure that I understood her thinking as well. It was such a breath of fresh air.

Well until the inevitable happened…

Yup you guessed it, I might be adding something else to my bandwagon of diagnoses. My little tag alongs. We talked about what might be causing my weird blood sugars, some highs, but lots of lows. She thinks it might be something called an insulinoma. An insulin what now? yup an insulinoma, an insulin secreting tumour, which is usually located in the pancreas. These tumours are benign in about 90% of people, and there are rarely more than one present. To test for this tumor I will be admitted into the high care ward in the hospital next Thursday, where I will undergo a 72 hour fast test. The golden standard test for insulinoma detection. For this I will be unable to eat until my blood sugar drops below a certain level. Then they will run a bunch of blood tests to see if I have insulin present while my blood sugar is severely low. This is because the body naturally stops secreting insulin when the blood sugar drops below a certain level, but if an insulinoma is present it will still secrete insulin which will then be detected in the blood. If this is present I will have to undergo surgery to remove it. A daunting prospect, to say the least. But lets cross that bridge if we get there. If not we will have to consider other things, such as dumping syndrome, or perhaps Addison’s disease.

So tomorrow I will be heading out to find some colouring in books to keep me calm and busy while in the hospital, and hopefully distracted from my stomach, which will most likely be loud enough for all the other patients to hear. Maybe I will get some interesting movies to watch too. Till then I will be doing what I usually do, monitoring my blood sugars at home.


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