Light bulb moment

This past week I have been experiencing increased muscle sensitivity and weakness, especially in my lower limbs. This is something I have experienced before, once very acutely, leaving me wheelchair bound for a week. But for a couple of months now it hasn’t been too bad. Sometimes some slight muscle weakness going up and down the stairs in particular, but really nothing very note worthy. Then this week rolled around and all I wanted was to have my nice toasty warm up beanie on my legs, or a massage. So as it has been a while since it has been anywhere close to this, well muscle involvement wise, I have been wracking my brains all week trying to figure out what set it off. Did I push myself too much in hydro? Did I sleep funny? Am I flaring? Is it from this cold weather? But non of these reasons seemed right. Plausible, but my gut feeling was saying no. Then friday while counting out my colourful array of pills, I saw it. The little vial of Methotrexate. Suddenly everything fell into place, and my imaginary lightbulb dinged on. I had forgotten to do my inject, I had gone 4 days without it. No wonder I was sore. Quite frankly I was surprised I wasn’t worse. How could I have forgotten it? I guess it got forgotten in the mad rush that was the past week, along with the prescription I had forgotten and had to scramble for at the last minute. It seemed as my mom says “I had thrown the baby out with the bath water”, “dropped the ball”, you name it. I was beating myself up about it, but then I realised, I’m human it happens, it will probably happened again. Hopefully not, but probably. Having taken my injection, my muscles seemed to thankfully have settled back down. So I feel like I should make a note to self; remember your meds this week. Or make a backup plan to have everyone in my family remind me, then it’s not just my mistake to make.

Tomorrow I am going in to have my Wisdom teeth removed, so wish me luck. I am not looking forward to it, and am just hoping that it heals quickly and stays infection free.



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