Eye see

I think that pretty much all of us know that one of the complications of autoimmune arthritis can be eye problems, such as inflammation. We have all read about, heard about someone, or are even are someone who has uveitis. Most of us go on outings to an ophthalmologist every 3 months, 6 months, or yearly if were lucky, because uveitis can sneak up on us when we don’t expect it. It often doesn’t cause symptoms, we don’t know the monster has struck until or doctor delivers the bad news.

But did you now that systemic autoimmune disease can make us susceptible to another kind of problem. Before I got it I had no idea that episcleritis even existed. Episcleritis is inflammation of the membrane covering the white (I am tired and wrote right) part of the eye. I have had it for two weeks, and would rather I had never been introduced to it in the first place.

Epsceritis can cause a reddening of the eye, eye pain and tenderness, light sensitivity and tearing of the eye. It is said that the pain from this is usually mild, but for me it has been quite painful and more than that, it has been irritating. So very very irritating. It is not very fun to have to go through your day when your eyes are painful, not at all.

Episcleritis is usually self-limiting, although once you have had it it may have a tendency to recur. However you can also use topical anti-inflammatory agents to help resolve it faster, especially if you are experiencing tenderness, and this is what my rheumatologist suggested I do.

Mine seems to finally be turning the corner, which I am thankful for, hopefully it will be gone soon and won’t recur.



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