Want to swop bowels?

Tablet filled with 24 radio-active markers, for a bowl transit study

If you don’t want to read about my bowel and it’s movements stop reading here. You have been warned

Today I had an appointment with my gastroenterologist, a doctor that I haven’t seen since I had my scopes done last year. Not because I haven’t needed too, but because I have just had so many other doctors visits that I have had to go to, and this wasn’t a priority. Also because in some respects I’m not sure that they can help me, or no how to, and because he didn’t really have anything I could take or implement into my life, the last time I went. So I sucked it up and went on with life. But recently my stomach has been irritating me more. I have pain, cramps, sore stomaches, that come and go as they please. I live in a an almost constant state of either diarrhoea or constipation, I am almost never in the middle. But lately my system seems to have completely slowed down. I am lucky if I have a bowl movement once a week, it’s more like once every two weeks, sometimes even more. My muscles don’t seem to work properly so I have to use other muscles and various contortions to have a bowl movement at all. My stomach is just not right, and I figured I was due for another look.

My gastro has decided to do a couple of things about this. Firstly a stool sample, as it is a good way to find out if there is any inflammation in the bowl, and whether it is IBD, without having another scope done now. Secondly I am having a bowl transit study done. This is where you have to swallow a tablet that contains 24 radiopaque markers in it. This will break up in my stomach releasing the markers. Five days later I will have an x-ray taken of my abdomen, from which they will be able to see where the markers are. If I have normal bowl transit 80% of the markers (19 or more) should have been expelled. Other wise they will be able to see where they are, if they are spread out, or collected in my colon, or at a certain point in my bowl (which could show an obstruction), and make judgements from there about what is happening.

If the stool sample comes back with no inflammatory markers I will start taking medications to improve my bowl movements, something I am not looking forward to. As the movicol takes disgusting and makes me feel like I will throw up. So we shall just have to see how that goes, if that’s the direction I we end up in.

Will tell you what comes of it when I know..







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