Busy, busy, busy

I have been meaning to write a post for ages, put time seems to have gotten away from me. Each little grain in that hour-glass slipping through my fingers. I have been busy. Yippee, for being busy. While being busy to someone might seem ordinary, boring, irritating (etc?), to me it is a blessing. to have the energy, the stamina, the ability to be busy is exciting. It is so good to be able to be busy again.

The other reason I have been a bit MIA is that I am travelling. A week ago I flew from my home in Joburg to Atlanta to go visit some friends, that are my second family. So much so that lots of people keep asking if I am their child. I have heard many “I didn’t know you had an older child”. After about the millionth time this happened I told then just to say yes. I mean it’s not far off the truth. So I have been busy catching up, playing around with the kids, and because the first week I was there was their final week of school, which included the twins junior school graduation the week was crammed full of events both at school and after it.

The flight as usual was hard, but I will talk more about that in an up coming post that I want to write about travelling and chronic illness, and how annoying it can be to bring Arthur along for the ride.

So far I have felt like I have been in a dream, trying to resist pinching myself to see whether it’s real. Why? Because I have been able to participate so far in all the activities. Yes physical as well. With VERY LITTLE rebound from my arthritis. I know right!! How amazing is that! Seems for now, Remicade/Revellex is my knight in shining armour. I have been able to ride a bike, something that even a month ago would have been way way out of my reach. I have help build a light weight aeroplane, and built a boat from scratch, wiring and all. Cool right? 🙂 I have played some soccer, walked more than I probably did all last month, and just been able to have a good time. I have been exhausted, sore, bruised a bit. But I have done it. I just hope in my excitement I haven’t been borrowing too many spoons. As my slightly concerned mom said, “Don’t use two weeks worth of spoons in a week. Pace yourself”. But after being unable to really do much for months on end, it’s hard not to get a little over excited. To want to just be a normal kid, to not want to say yes to everything and anything, just because you finally can.



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