Tightly knit

This week feels like it has flown by, and also like a road that will never end. It has been filled with the fun world that is multiple tests, doctors visits, hospitals and the inevitable ups and downs. I had my third Remicade/Revelex infusions. Another discussion with my Rheumie about what is actually going on in my body. Which ended in the same, and almost seemingly inevitable conclusion, that we still are really stumbling around in the dark. I made all of my physic therapy, a ballet class, and went to my violin lesson with my little cousin in tow (which was totally the highlight of the week).

But the thing I guess I want to talk about most, and which has been on my mind this week, is my trip to the doctor on Monday. We went to Dr S on monday under the advisement of my gynaecologist, in the hopes that he would finally be the doctor that we were looking for to take a bit of an overall management of all that is chronic illnesses, so that my mum could take a bit of a step back.We also went because Dr S is a pulmonologist, a specialist that I have been searching for to manage my asthma, after the retirement of my previous doc. After spending two hours talking with him, having a ECG stress test, otherwise known as the arthritis hobble on the treadmill, and a repeat of all my lung functions. I think I have finally found the right doc for me. He listened to all of my complaints, took detailed notes and questions, and most importantly took my shit seriously. Non of this are you depressed rubbish. Or maybe it’s just anxiety? Or the classic lets just assume everything is due to your chronic illness, and therefore doesn’t need further thought, or investigation, never mind an explanation of why it’s happening.

So after all this he decided to d some basic labs that could be the cause of my lung and heart problems, and even the craziness, that is the oscillations of my blood sugar. If these tests didn’t explain it, then he will send me on to some specialists. Not only that but he is willing to recommend and discuss who to see!! Something that doctors have seem to be forgetting at the moment.

So off I went to get a chest X-ray, bloods and the oh so fun test, that is the 24 hour urine sample. All of which we were pretty sure would come back normal. But you can’t skip the basic, right? Right. Two days later I get a call back saying my D-Dimers are high, ugh… (For all of you who don’t know what this is, this can indicate clotting, or at least a higher likely hood of a blood clot. So as a Pulmonary Embolism (a clot in my lungs) was one of the things that I present a lot of symptoms for, I get to visit my buddy, the CT scanner.

So what I had jokingly told the radiologist was the reason for my chest X-ray on Tuesday, mainly to see the reastion (I know I shouldn’t have, but it was funny), might actually be a reality. Doesn’t seem so funny now. Nope, not really.

So today I am off to get my chest CT, and wondering whether or not keeping my fingers crossed while it is happening will help me ward off this possible new health hurdle.

So fingers, and toes crossed, and I will tell you the outcome, when I know it.



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