HAWMC 19, A vintage view

 Post a vintage photo of yourself, with a captain about the photo and where you were in terms of your health condition.
IMG_4624This photo was taken on my 19th birthday, just before I was going to open presents with my family. It is of me holding my Enbrel injection. Chronic illness doesn’t stop and give you a day off, not even on your birthday. Although that would have been a great gift. So yes… even on my birthday I had to give myself an injection, because it just happened to be Enbrel day too.
This is also the first birthday that I had celebrated with my official JIA/Ankylosing Spondylitis and Raynaud’s diagnoses (even if they have probably been there for many more, and I was so sick because of it on my birthday the year before). So almost a year into my diagnosis, and I was celebrating my 19th birthday with a shot.
At the same time though. I also wanted to tell you that autoimmune arthritis didn’t hold me back from really enjoying the day. I was surrounded by family… what more could I wish for. Well maybe a cure, but you get the point.

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