HAWMC Day14: spread the love

Pick a few of your favorite #HAWMC posts so far and share them with your readers!

There are so many great blogs that I love who are participating in HAWMC, so I shall be picking some of my favourite posts by them so far.

  • From an amazing blog about diabetes, and even though I myself do not have diabetes, I can very much identify with what is said on this blog. Here are my two favourite HAWMC posts from sweetlyvoiced, License to spill and needled and threaded
  • This one is about an health related app that I found very intriguing and different, from misdiagnosed me HAWMC Day11
  • From one of my favourite blogs and health activist, Emily at ChronicCurve, Day 7 and Day 8
  • This from one of the funniest bloggers I know. Fighting her way through Lupus and some related diseases, from Lupus Interrupted. Lean on me… but gently, and Lupusella. THe A$$=Hat Unicorn

Hope you enjoy some of these amazing posts



3 thoughts on “HAWMC Day14: spread the love

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