Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed: Day8: Animals

I can’t believe a whole week of HAWMC has already flown by. So here’s to an interesting, creative and hilarious start to week two.

 If your health condition (or the health condition of a loved one!) was an animal, what would it be? Is it a real animal or make believe?

Last night as I lay awake, tossing and turning, trying desperately to find that safe haven, that is sleep. This question kept turning itself over and over in my head, with many an animal taking it’s turn to embody my disease.

The first thought I had, was that it had to be a lion, maybe a lion cub. One that I tried to keep on a leash, but even if I got it on one, would drag me kicking and screaming down the street anyway. One that likes to be playful, biting my joints with its razor sharp teeth, and raking its claws down my muscles. But also one that could take on a terrifying nature, making me want to run and hide. But how can you hide, from yourself?

Then my mind drifted onto the idea of it being a hippopotamus. I could envision this thing jumping up and down on me, like the monkey’s on the bed, in the oh so popular children’s song. And when it became tired it would plonk its body down on my chest, causing the costochondritis, and breathing difficulties, that have been plaguing me.

Then as I was jolted out of the haze that sleep (if you can even call it that) seems to have become, with very inch of my body so itchy, it turned into a hoard of those nasty red ants that like to bite. An anthill dumped in my bed, that no amount of scratching or deep breathing could soothe. Oh how I wished I could shed my skin, like a snake. A snake…. Ding. Light bulb moment. Yes that’s what these conditions where, a snake.

A snake, that sticks its dagger like teeth into my joints. Whose venom was slowly but surely allowing these diseases to spread through my body, conquering joints and organs one by one. Causing the rashes and fevers, the headaches and sore throats, as my body slowly succumbed to the poison. A snake that would wrap it’s body around my chest and squeeze, until there was barely any breath left in me. Oh how slowly and silently it had snuck up on me, worming its way into every fibre of my being, and till I couldn’t hardly tell the difference between us. A snake that will do anything in its power to win. Luckily so will I. I will keep searching for that antidote. It may have won the battle, but I will win the war. It better sleep with one eye open.


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