HAWMC DAY7: Sensationalise

  • Say WHAT!? What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about health or your condition? Where did you hear it and what did you think?

Well let me see… you wouldn’t believe the amount of rubbish that people have said to me.

1. That I should get this bottle with special snake venom, because in small amounts it’s not dangerous, and is said to work miracles. (Hell no)

2. So are you really ill because you always seem fine when you are with me. (Well! It would be a bit of a downer if I wasn’t nice and smiled, and tried to act normal, now wouldn’t it. Plus I want to feel normal.)

3. Wow it must be so cool to be on morphine. You must be high all the time. (Umm… no)

4. If you drink Chinese medicine tea, it will cure you (really? Why isn’t everyone doing that then?)

5. You’re too young for arthritis (I wish, but unfortunately anyone can get it.)

6.  This isn’t completely arthritis related, but at first they mistook my arthritis for appendicitis, and a doctor has told me: If you hadn’t had your appendix out I would say you had appendicitis (ok? But I have had it out? Anything else? Why are you a doctor?)

7.  When I was away with a friend once, one of her brothers saw me do my Enbrel injection and asked if I was shooting cocaine. (I just laughed)

8. Someone (who I don’t know) asked me if I was a recovering alcoholic when I told him I couldn’t drink. I told him he should come to the next AA meeting with me. LOL

9. If you would just go out and exercise more I’m sure you’d feel better.

10. I wish I could just stay at home all day, it’s like you have a constant vacation. (No, you don’t!)

11. If you just thought happy thoughts you would be a whole lot better (Happier maybe, better… no)

12. When will you be better (I wish I knew)

13. Well at least it’s not cancer.

14. Are you depressed? (what difference does that make? It doesn’t affect joints right, or don’t you know that?)

Hears hoping you have a good day,



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