HAWMC DAY 5: Aspirations

I decided to try my hand at both again (because I was bored at my infusion, so decided to pass the time by writing)

  •    “If I could do anything as a Health Activist…” Think big today! Money/ time/ physical limitations are no longer an issue. What is your biggest goal that is now possible?

If there where no limitations. No challenges or hurdles to overcome; I would want what I think anyone with a chronic illness would want. A cure. But I guess even with Money, time and no physical limitations it still wouldn’t be possible now. No, a cure will take time to develop/find. Even then, who knows…

So I guess I would donate a vast majority of the money to on organization that puts almost all of the money directly into research, or give directly to research projects that look promising. This would help incredibly in the creation of new and better drugs, allow researchers to delve into the systems that are at work in these autoimmune diseases and also contribute to helping to find a cure

I would use my time, energy and money to educate the general public and even physicians about autoimmune diseases. Especially the rarer ones, and less known symptoms and presentation of the more common ones (like RA). I would bring awareness to invisible illnesses, and how people can be sick (often even severely ill) without you even knowing it. Maybe then someone with an invisible illness can use a handicap spot without been harassed or stared down? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

I would try to advocate and bring awareness towards the patient’s role in the control and management of their disease, and advocate for and increase in the number of patients and doctors that are working as a team. As it is greatly beneficial for patients to know what their disease is, how it works, what treatments are out there, in order for them to make in formed decisions in regards to their chronic illness.

  •   What’s your one, three, or five year plan for your Health Activism?

To be honest. I don’t really know. To still be active and invested in it would be a good goal I think, whether I’m in remission or not. I would like to have helped at least one person in that time, or inspire someone to help someone else.


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