Infusion Number 2

So yesterday I went for my second Remicade/Revellex infusion. I think everyone was a bit anxious about it, including myself, as you are most likely to have an infusion reaction during your second infusion. So far though I seem fine. Although when that IV started I had this sensation, it was skin crawling. I felt agitated and like I wanted to shed my skin, just crawl out. But it passed soon enough and the rest of the IV went of with just the regular bumps. Hard veins to find (I personally think they just like to play hide and seek with the nurses, for their own amusement), Blood pressure cuff was too big (forgot to bring my paed cuff), so they took my blood pressure on my thigh, which thankfully was big enough, and rather amusing. Pressure seemed to roller coaster around a bit, slightly high, bit low. All the usual things.

Once again the infusion took it out of me, pushed through so that I could go to my violin lesson, and crashed and slept like a rock for a couple of hours. Annoying? Yes. But hopefully it will be worth it.

So keeping my fingers crossed that it’s going to work. That it’s starting to work. I mean I have had a bit more energy since the first one, and my heart rate is around 115bpm rather than 130bpm. Which is always great. But I have had a bit more hot inflamed joints, and had a sever couple of days with my IBS. So some good, some bad. Guess I just have to wait and see. I’m told if I respond to it, I should feel it in the next four weeks. So here’s hoping.

Wishing all of you a bit more energy, and less pain today.


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