HAWMC DAY3: Wordless Wednesday

  • Post a picture that symbolizes your condition and your experiences.

I couldn’t just pick one, this experience just encompasses too much. The hopes the dreams, the anger and the sadness, and much much more. So here are my pictures that represent this continuing journey.

images-8 images-7 images-6 images-4 images-2 a4316ee4d67352434bb88f4c630c58d4 9652f67873e9213bff393475cb6e44835328b731cdcb290799a3c9b14b9bf4a69aba3a169658309a6bf9fbd2fb369eb6 8ef52f3dfedeac69389e4e6d4e19f64c 08e3c6100b49c82edffad32ee7a6cfce 6b8f4b3aea2a57b8bdc771d8100ac74d 3a1a5064be60d72ab064a950f8db2127 photo-2012-09-28-11-38-371-1024x768 Yvonne-Palermo-Defeat-II



5 thoughts on “HAWMC DAY3: Wordless Wednesday

  1. Morning Rebecca, I could not agree with you more, it is truelly a reflection of all the mixed emotions dis-ease can bring out in one. I particularly agree with tletting go of what you do not have control over and rather focus on what can be done and to channel one’s energy towards that. have a blessed day. regards Esme

    • I think for me when I decided to try an let go what I can’t control, and it is a never end struggle that I constantly have to remind myself of, that I was able to lighten my load, and allow myself to just live for each day again.
      Thanks for the reminder,

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