The Dreaded Brain Fog

Brain Fog. Something that almost everyone with an autoimmune condition or chronic pain experience, and have to manage. However, it is one of the less known symptoms outside this community, and one of the hardest to explain to someone so that they understand (or at least  have a notion of what it’s about)

If you look it up in the dictionary it says:

Cognitive dysfunction (or brain fog) is defined as unusually poor mental function, associated with confusion, forgetfulness and difficulty focusing.

I think that this says what it affects, but has almost no impact in conveying what it feels like. I think that in this respect if you look deeper into the imagery of the word “brain fog”, it says it all. It is literally like your brain is shrouded in fog, and you can only see a certain distance in front of you. You may be able to see 2m ahead, or perhaps only 25cm ahead. Depending on how bad the fog is at that time. So you are in this fog and you can only see (think of) a certain amount of things. You bumble around in the dark, searching arms outstretched for what you know is there, but you have to wade through this thick fog to find it. You bump into a bunch of other things that you have no need for at the moment, until you find what you want. Sometimes no matter how hard you try, how long you wade through that mist trying to push it aside, you just don’t get it, and you have to accept that you have to leave it for a sunnier day.

For me personally this symptom is one of the hardest to deal with, because there is almost nothing I can do to change it, and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t power through it. I have had days when there are some common words that take me a couple of minutes to think of, or I forget the name of the restaurant where I am going for lunch. There are even days when it is so bad that I simply can’t function, and even watching tv takes to much concentration. But then I have days when the fog has lifted, and I know that I can keep going, that it won’t always be like this.


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