For ages and ages I having been thinking about starting a blog. As a way to document the progression of my Juvenile arthritis, and also as a tool to reach others who are in the same or similar situation as my self. So that I can serve as a source of comfort and give others a sense of that they are not alone out there in their struggles with this disease. I think it has just taken a while to gain the courage to but my self out there, and in so doing making myself more vulnerable, but I am hoping that I will gain more confidence along the way.

As someone who was newly diagnosed I felt so isolated and alone in my experience. Not because I didn’t have any support, I had lots of it, but because although my friends and family cared about me and wanted to help, there was no-one who could truly understand or even grasp exactly what I was going through.

In this time where I felt like the only one out there who could possibly comprehend or had ever experienced this before ( even though mentally I knew there where many others like myself, experiencing the same things, going through the same up and downs on this autoimmune rollercoaster ) , finding other blogs of people who where going through what I was mad me feel as if I wasn’t alone, instead I was part of this larger group of people who all knew what I was going through.

So I have started this blog in order to have a space where I can be completely open and honest about my journey, and in the hopes that someone will join me along the way, and that I can help them as so many other blogs helped me.

Wishing you many spoons,



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